Hot Turkey Sandwich   New York Steak   Meat Loaf   Roast Pork   Veal Cutlet   Baby Beef  Liver  
  Chicken Pot Pie   Butter Chicken   Curried Chicken   Shephers Pie   Beef Stew   Hot Chili and Toast  
  Fish  &  Chips   Filet of Sole   Wild Alaskan Salmon   Cod Napolitaine   Salisbury Steak   Hot Beef Sandwich  
  Lemon Chicken   Chicken Teriyaki   Chicken  Schnitzel   Chicken Imperial   Chicken Stir Fry   Holiday Turkey Dinner  
Monday to Friday   7AM - 8PM
Saturday from   7AM - 8PM
Sunday from   8AM - 3:30PM
Holiday Closed  
Christmas 25 th and New Year!
  We do accept:
  636 - 6th Street  
  New Westminster Phone: (604) 524-8118
  BC, V3L 3C3 Email:
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